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Amigos de la Sierra de Bahoruco


Interview for Nightly news (NoticiasSIN) 
Yolanda León

10 May2015

Article on
29 Apr 2015

Multimedia story:
By Marvin del Cid/ Diario Libre
The invisible boundaries of Sierra de Bahoruco NP
(English version courtesy of VCE)
26 Mar 2015

atricia Solano - Nightly News SIN:
 Predation of Sierra de Bahoruco
15 dic 2014

No control of biocides
27 ene 2015

Paid one-page add,  Diario Libre 11Nov2014

Newspaper articles

Cancelan Director Provincial de Pedernales
Diario Libre
3 dic 2014


El Permiso que deforestó

Diario Libre
25 nov 2014

 Medio Ambiente suspende funcionarios Pedernales
Diario Libre
24 Nov 2014

Article by Mario Dávalos in Wildlife Photographic eMag

Monitoring and mapping broadleaf mountain forests of southern Sierra de Bahoruco, Dominican Republic


Destrucción del hábitat de Bicknell en la vertiente S de la Sierra de Bahoruco


Jornaleros en el PNSB

Más niños trabajando en el PBSB

El Despojo del PNSB: Sector Los Arroyos

The Destruction of Sierra de Bahoruco (Spanish, with English Subtitles)

Niños sembrando y fumigando en el PNSB

El avance del conuquismo en la Sierra de Bahoruco

La Destrucción de la Reserva de Biósfera Jaragua-Bahoruco-Enriquillo


Artículo sobre esta tragedia del VCE

Artículo del Laboratorio de Ornitología de Cornell

Hay que detener la ocupación del PNSB


The Tragedy of Sierra de Bahoruco  


We are deeply worried about the accelerated destruction that is currently undergoing the sourthern slope of Sierra de Bahoruco National Park (Pedernales Province), one of the core zones of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Jaragua-Bahoruco-Enriquillo for Dominican Republic, and Important Bird Area (IBA), a Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) and a Zero Allienza Site  (AZE) The aggressive expansion of agriculture in the park is simply incompatible with the preservation of tis unique forests and their associated biodiversity. 


bosque nublado de Los Arroyos


The importance of cloud and humid (or broadleaf) forests of Bahoruco is extremely high; there is only a narrow band left (less than 2 km wide) located between the pine forests at the top of the sierra and farms on lower areas. These forests are essential for sustaining the water cicly of a binational watershed: Pedernales river which benefits many communities from Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  Also, this Sierra harbors most of the endemic, migratory and restricted range species of Hispaniola, many considere globally threatened.


corte reciente en Las Abejas


The current area of concern is affected by an aggresive expansion of farmland, since at least 2008. The scale and speed of deforestation wihin the boundaries of the park (just on the southern slope) amounts to  35km2 and continues to grow).  In particular, we are very worried about the production systems set in place.  In Los Arroyos,  the abundant and cheap labor offered by haitian workers from neighbouring villages, a few Dominican entrepreneurs have set up extensive plantations, mostly of avocados for the export market.  In other areas, such as near Las Mercedes, smaller farms with short cycle crops (predominantly beans, pigeon peas, corn, carrots) continue to grow. There, Dominican patrons have appropriated park land and are leasing it to haitian farmers for 20% of their crop (the 1 out of 5 system, as its locally known).  All of these crops have been planted in steep slope areas, with shallow soils over limestone rock, which makes them very vulnerable to quick erosion and permanent degradation.

aplicación de hierbicidas después del corte




(click on each to expand)


Whats left of the cloud/humid forest of southern Sierra de Bahoruco

deforestacion ladera sur


Los Arroyos and Las Abejas

ubicacion zonas de avance deforestacion


 Recent and accelerated destruction near Las Mercedes



Letters to the Ministry of the Environment


From Grupo Jaragua


11 March 2013


12 April 2013


6 March 2014


From Vermont Ecostudies


11 de marzo 2013


From Cornell Lab of Ornithology


24 de abril 2013 (español)


24 de abril 2013 (English)



In the DR's press:

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anuncia desalojo





Posición de la Diócesis de Barahona frente a Desalojos Sierra de Bahoruco 1

3 Jun 13

Acta de Intimación a Desalojar

11 jun 13


¿Por qué es un crimen lo que está pasando en Bahoruco?
crimen Bahoruco

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