Programs and Projects  


Environmental Education Program

Dominican Republic Hawksbill Project

Important Areas for Bird Conservation in the Dominican Republic

Socio-economic study of Conch Fishers in Pedernales Province

Research on Ricord's Iguana (Iguana ricordii)

Conservation of Biodiversity in the Dominican Republic’s Jaragua-Bahoruco Enriquillo Biosphere Reserve

Geographic Information Systems for Critically Endangered Species of Jaragua-Bahoruco Enriquillo Biosphere Reserve


Biodiversity Conservation Strategy for the Dominican Republic (World Wildlife Fund)

Parks in Peril- Jaragua National Park (The Nature Conservancy/ USAID-Washington).

Fresh-water fish inventory for the island of Hispaniola (Center for Marine Conservation)

"Guayacán": Sustainable development in the area of Jaragua National Park (AECI, IEPALA, Green Caribe)

Integrating communities to the management of Jaragua National Park (HELVETAS)

Barrancolí: Promoting conservation through pride 

Sustainable development in the area of Jaragua: job-creation, capacity building and public use of natural resources (Secretaría para la Cooperación Internacional e Iberoamérica -SECIPI-/Instituto de Estudios Políticos para América Latina y Africa -IEPALA-)

Birds, conservation and ecotourism in Oviedo Lagoon (Small subsidies program/GEF/PNUD/ONAPLAN/PRONATURA)

Consortium for Biodiversity Research  (McArthur Foundation)

Strengthening and coordination of Dominican NGOs working for biodiversity management and sustainable development (McArthur Foundation).

Coastal and Marine Biodiversity (GEF/ONAPLAN)




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