Hawksbill Project            

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Thanks to our excellent local field assistants, Claudio González, Carlitos Pérez, Wili Pérez, Javier Ledesma, Francisco González and Geylon for making it all possible.  We will be eternally grateful to Carlos Diez and Robert van Dam for starting this project and training us in their field techniques.  We also give thanks to Grupo Jaragua for providing priceless logistical and human support from day one.  We are especially indebted to Juan Aníbal Félix, Héctor Andújar, Esteban Garrido, and  Yvonne Arias. We are also thankful to Ideal Dominicana Mining, for letting us have a work base near the turtles.  We are also indebted to the Subsecretariat of Protected Areas and Biodiversity of the Dominican Republic for always being supportive of our research activities.  We would also like to thank all the volunteer field assistants we’ve had through the years, including Matilde Mota, Jeannette Mateo, Brígido Hierro,Iván Cabrera, Voluntarios Comunitarios de Jaragua (Dawaira, Yudelkis, Orandis, Pablito), Yira Rodríguez, Lisa Greer, Rick Gómez, Alex Tewfik, Serge Aucoin, Katarzina Gracella, Bárbara Reveles, Manolo Bautista, and Jose Alejandro Alvarez, among others.


Last Updated: 21 Aug 2007

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