Grupo Jaragua is a non-profit, civil society organization from the Dominican Republic,  legally incorporated in 1989 and duly registered under the Dominican Republic´s laws.

Our mission

Contribute to the conservation of biodiversity  and associated ecosystem services in Hispaniola Island, in collaboration with local communities and basing its decisions on the best available science. 

Our logo

logo grupo jaragua

Our logo represents terrestrial and marine ecosystems of Jaragua National Park, highlighting one of its endemic (unique) species, the Cabo Rojo fan palm (Coccothrinax ekmanii).  Our logo has a special meaning to us, since it was designed by our great friend and naturalist,  Amaury Villalba, who departed too soon. 

Our vision

Be part of a country, region and world where nature and people live in harmony, with equity and sustainably.