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Solar ovens


Using just sunlight, solar ovens are a good alternative to the use of propane gas, charcoal and wood for cooking.  By reducing the use of these fuels, these ovens help reduce deforestation of our natural forest to obtain firewood or make charcoal for cooking purposes; save money, and reducing  CO2 emissions, the main greenhouse gas causing climate changs created in 1987 to provide support from civil society for the implementation and comanagement of Jaragua National Park. 


For all these reasons, Grupo Jaragua is implementing a project with Solar Ovens to introduce their use in at least two communities in the Jaragua-Bahoruco-Enriquillo Biosphere Reserve, in southestern Dominican Republic.



The suns rays go throught the glass and heat the black interior of the oven.  By not allowing to exit the reflected rays, the heat builds up until reaching temperatures comparable to conventional stoves and ovens.  The "wings" reflect even more rays inside the oven.  Once the oven is hot, we can place the food inside, close the glass lid and cooking begins.  By heating food in a homogenous fashion, it does not burn, and one can use much less fat.  Also, since the temperature increases gradually, food items preserve better their nutrients, making our meals more nutritious and healthy.


The sun oven model we have chosen is the one developed by Sun Ovens International, with co-sponsoring of El Fuego del Sol and their partner organizations in the United States.




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