Grupo Jaragua is a non-profit, civil society organization from the Dominican Republic,  legally incorporated in 1989.

Our mission

Contribute to biodiversity conservation in Hispaniola Island and associated ecosystem services, in collaboration with local communities and basing decisions on the best available science. 

Our logo

logo grupo jaragua

Our logo represents terrestrial and marine ecosystems of Jaragua National Park, highlighting one of its endemic (unique) species, the Cabo Rojo fan palm (Coccothrinax ekmanii).  Our logo has a special meaning to us, since it was designed by our great friend and naturalist,  Amaury Villalba, who departed too soon. 

Our vision

Be part of a country, region and world where nature and people live in harmony, with equity and sustainably. 

Our staff

(Santo Domingo)

Yvonne Arias

Executive Director

Andrea Thomen

Project Manager

Miguel Abreu


Kenia Ng

Biologist/ Administrative Assistant

Héctor Andújar (Chapa)


Pablo Feliz


Daniel Guzmán

Administrative Assistant

Yohana Martínez


(Reserva de la Biosfera Jaragua-Bahoruco-Enriquillo)

Olga Vidal

Local Extensionist

Oviedo, Prov. Pedernales

Gerson Feliz

Field Assistant, Tres Charcos, Prov. Pedernales

Jairo Matos (Pirrín)

Field Assistant, Tres Charcos, Prov. Pedernales

Rubel Feliz

Field Assistant,Tres Charcos, Prov. Pedernales

Manuel d’Oleo (Meñiquito)

Field Assistant, Oviedo, Prov. Pedernales

Francisco Javier Pérez (Yosi)

Office Assistantl, 

Oviedo, Prov. Pedernales

Manuel Aníbal Vólquez

Field Assistant, Duvergé, Prov. Independencia

Jerbin Vólquez

Field Assistant, Vengan a Ver, Prov. Independencia

José Luis Castillo

Field Assistant, Pedernales, Prov. Pedernales


Per Grupo Jaragua’s   bylaws , the Assembly (Asamblea) is the  entity responsible for the line of work of the organization.  It is the highest authority and its decision and sovereign.  It is made up of all Active Members. 


Assambly meeting on December 2017.

The Directive Board is the group of individuals, democratically elected by the Assembly members which governs the organization and must report to it.  It shares the responsibility of the organization’s actions, and it must ensure it operates according to its bylaws and internal rules.  It must oversee financial and capital  resources are duly managed.  It is made up of a President, a Treasurer, a Secretary and four Vocals.  ante ésta. 


Directive Board for 2016-2018


José Manuel Feliz, teacher, Oviedo


Ernst Rupp (Ernesto)

agroecologist, Oviedo 


Yolanda León, biologist, Santo Domingo


Jesús Almonte

biologist, Santo Domingo


Cristina Nivar,  social worker,

Santo Domingo


Sixto J. Incháustegui, 

biologist, Santo Domingo


Cecilia Hernández

biologist, Santo Domingo