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Juvenile hawksbill in Cabo Rojo.  Photo Carlos Diez
Carlos Diez catches a hawksbill in Mona Island, Puerto Rico.  This is the method we use. Photo: Robert van Dam.
Tagging a hawksbill on frontal flippers.
Carlitos and Willi Pérez, two of our excellent local field assistants.
Group of hawksbills showing different shell coloration.
Assistants and volunteers in December 2003.
Hawksbill on coral reef. Photo by Carlos Diez.
Hawksbill emerging from coral head. Photo by Carlos Diez.
Laybelin releaseas a hawksbill.
Hawksbill sitting on a coral reef near Cabo Rojo
Green turtle resting near a coral reef
Typical size of turtles found  in study area
Dawaira releases a hawksbill, while Orandis and Geylon watch
Pablito releases a hawksbill near its capture site
Visitors to the project on August 2002
Matilde, Jeannette, and Yolanda take a blood sample for sex determination
Poster from educational campaign about hawksbills in the Dominican Republic



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