Assembly members attending our 2018 annual meeting on 14 December 2018 at the National Museum of Natural History in Santo Domingo.


Grupo Jaragua is governed by its current bylaws.   


The Assembly 

The Assembly is the body in charge of defining the organization´s lines of work. It is the organization´s highest authority and its decisions are binding.  Each year, all active members are summoned to an annual Assembly. During this meeting directed by the president of the directive board, the executive director presents the year´s activitities report and the treasurer presents the financial report. Questions and comments are voiced out, as well as proposals for new members plus any other topics of interest. When the mandate of the directive board expires, an Election Assembly is conducted after the ordinary annual Assembly.


Assembly meeting in 2017, National Museum of Natural History, Santo Domingo

Directive Board

The directive board is the group of persons, elected in one of two ways; 1) Democratically by the election Assembly or 2) by consensus of the rest of the board. The directive board is the governing body of the organization and reports on its progress. The directive board shares colectively the responsibility for actions taken by the organization.  It is responsible for the adequate follow-up of its bylaws and decisions, as well as ensuring financial and other resources are adequately managed. rganización y debe reportar ante ésta.  It is a seven-member board (see below). 


Our Board


Yolanda León, PhD

Biologis and professor, Santo Domingo



Sixto J. Incháustegui, Msc

Biologist and professor,  Santo Domingo



Cristina Nivar, MSc, social worker,  Santo Domingo


Pedro Genaro Rodríguez

Business manager and nature photographer, Santo Domingo


Cecilia Hernández

Biologist,  Santo Domingo



José Manuel Pérez

Schoolteacher, Oviedo



Jesús Almonte

Biologist, environmental consultant, Santo Domingo


Annual Assembly 2016, Santo Domingo Hotel, Santo Domingo