Marine Turtle Nesting in the Dominican Republic

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Photo Gallery  


Pablo records a track in Bahía

On board La Perla Negra, we reach every corner of Saona Island

Blanco sings a corrido while crossing Oviedo Lagoon

Team in Saona Ohiana in Mosquea Beach, Jaragua NP

Team in Jayuya, Saona

Jesús and Jaragua's park rangers Yoval running about in Saona Training of youths in Pedernales (AGUINAPE)

I found the nest!

Ohiana and Negro move the eggs

Francisco, Blanco, Macuso and Jesús hard at work

Blanco, Yolanda and Negro
Negro's home in Saona Dawaira, Jesus, Karina, Amelia and Pablo ready for shop surveys
Nightime wait Leatherback at Bahía Ohiana measuring a green turtle in Saona
Pablo and Jesús taking data Ohiana tagging a leatherback Back to the sea
This old chichen coop is our turtle incubation center in Saona

Incubation room in Blancos house in El Cajuil

Children from La Cueva (Pedernales) watch the hatchlings
Hatchery in Saona island Children in Saona watch the hatchlings Lets set these hatchlings free!!
Hawksbill hatchlings emerging from a natural nest in Saona island

Off to sea we go....

Pablo says goodby...

Leatherback hatchlings in Jaragua

Releasing hatchlings in Bahía

Leatherback hatchlings reaching the ocean






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