Marine Turtle Nesting in the Dominican Republic

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Project staff

This is a long term project that requires intensive field work for most of the year.  Without the collaboration and dedication of the following individuals, it would not be possible. 


Bienvenido Pérez Turbí (aka Blanco).  Hes the park ranger of Oviedo Lagoon, Jaragua National Park. He helps with beach surveys and hatchery work.  A famous songwriter/singer, plus the staff`s more senior expert. 

Pablo Féliz (aka Pablito). He is a biology student from Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo and member of Grupo Jaragua. A native of El Cajuil, on the shores of Oviedo Lagoon.  Every week, he walks the eastern Jaragua beaches, but also helps in anything he can, from tortoiseshell shop surveys to nesting work in Saona.  

Héctor, our boat captain of Oviedo Lagoon.  He belongs to the volunteer group "Voluntarios Comunitarios de Jaragua". He lives in El Cajuil.

Pelagio Paulino (aka Negro).  Hes also a park ranger and our main assistant in Saona Island, del Este National Park. He is extremely enthousiastic and energetic.  He does the weekly beach surveys and hatchery upkeep.  His home in Mano Juan is our base camp. 

Mico Paulino. Negro's son, he also helps out with turtle work in Saona.  His dream is to meet Daddy Yankee someday.

Johanny de la Cruz. Our main captain in Saona.  He helps Negro every week with beach surveys and to defend the nests from poachers.   

Jesús Tomás.  The principal investigator in this project.  He currently holds a Marie Curie post-doctoral fellowship from the European Union at the University of Exeter, UK.  Hes the troublemaker who started this mess.  Here's a link to his webpage

Ohiana Revuelta.  She's another Spanish researcher under contract from the University of Valencia.  She has become an expert in Pedernales culture and way of life.  Here she is preparing coconut fish in Saona. 

Toni Raga, professor from the University of Valencia.  From Valencia he does wonders for the project from the Marine Zoology Unit of Cavanilles Insitute. 

Mercedes  Fernández (aka Merche).  Shes also a professor at University of Valencia... without her help from there this project would not be happening.  

Francisco Geraldes.  He is the director of the Center for Marine Biology Research (CIBIMA) from Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo.  He makes sure the first university of the Americas is part of this effort!  

Marino José. He has helped us with beach surveys since the start in Bahía de las Aguilas.  Along with his wife Katia, they are the owners of our second home in Pedernales (Hostal Doña Chava)

Erin Leline. She is one our enthusiastic volunteers during 2007 and 2008.  She has helped tremendously with our outreach efforts in Cabarete (northern coast).  

Sara Arce was a student from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia who did an internship at INTEC in 2007... and she was an excellent field assistant!

Dawaira Méndez. She isa biology student, a native of Oviedo.  Even though she likes birds, shes realising who are the truly interesting animals now....

Yolanda León. Co-principal investigator of this project, shes a part of Grupo Jaraguas directive board and also a professor at INTEC and UASD.  Her home is the base camp in Santo Domingo. 





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