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If you think Grupo Jaragua is doing a good job, help us by supporting our work or to individual programs you are interested in. There are many ways to help:


1. Donations:  A monetary contribution, for the amount you wish, is the best way to support us.  Money helps us keep our staff with adequate salaries and working conditions, and lets us keep up our environmental advocacy work and expand our work.


Banco Popular Dominicano

Number 054134908 (in Dominican pesos) or 

Number 717624050 (in US dollars). 


Or donate securely online using your credit card or PayPal account:



If you would like to contribute and be a member of Grupo Jaragua on a yearly basis, consider acquiring one of our memberships (coming soon). 


2. In kind: We have a wish list of things you can donate or buy to support our work.


3. Spread the word: If you have access to mass media or other information outlets, talk about Grupo Jaragua and its work.


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Reusable CCN Bags benefit Grupo Jaragua


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