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GJ´s participation in the

SCSCB in The Bahamas

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In water survey 2011 - Hawksbill Project


GJ is part of the Dominican MAB Committee

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Atabey Award 2011 in Conservation goes to  GJ

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  Programmes of Grupo Jaragua


Even though Grupo Jaragua started working on short-term projects as funding became available, through the years it has developed programmes that continue on the long term the work of our most succesful projects.  This way, we capitalize the capacity in our staff as well as lessons learned.  These programmes show the commitment of Grupo Jaragua on the long term with its mission and objectives.


  Important Bird Areas

The Important Bird Areas (IBA) program, established by BirdlLife International, is the most ambitious initiative for biodiversity conservation on a global scale. Here we present some of the work related to this program in Dominican Republic carried out by Grupo Jaragua in collaboration with many institutions.  Read more...


Jaragua Agroforestry System

Since 2004, Grupo Jaragua has been developing and implementing its own agroforestry system, adapted to local conditions.  for this, we have established plan nurseries and pilot plots in the Biosfere Reserve.  Most of the plant species are native or endemic and have commercial or have consumption value for local households.  Read more...


  Solar cooking

Just using sunlight, solar ovens can be a good alternative to propane gas, charcoal and wood for cooking.  By reducing the use of these fuels, these ovens help reduce deforestation of natural forests, save money and cut CO2 emissions.  Read more...


Monitoring of Hispaniolan hutia and solenodon

The Hispaniolan hutia and solenodon are the last terrestrial endemic mammals of Hispaniola, and both are endangered.  This is mostly because their habitats have been degraded or destroyed, and their capture by dogs, cats and mongoose.  Since 2005, Grupo Jaragua has been studing them in the Jaragua-Bahoruco-Enriquillo Biosphere Reserve.  Read more...


Ricord's iguana conservation 

This is a critically endangered species only surviving in Pedernales Province, Cabritos island and southern Enriquillo Lake. Since 2005, we monitor Ricords iguana nests in the area of Los Olivares (Pedernales Province) and south of  Enriquillo lake. Read more...  (soon)


Monitoring of parrot nests in Jaragua

Since 2006, we have been following up on parrot nests in Jaragua Natl. Park, particularly in the area known as Sabana de Algodón.  There, parrots choose to nest in the dried out trunks of old caheo de Pedernales palms (a regional endemic species).  The poaching of fledglings for their sale as pets is a constant and serious threat.  Read more... soon.


Sea turtle nesting

We have been studying and helping preserve the nesting activity of sea turtles in Jaragua National Park and del Saona island (del Este National Park).  Weekly, we record nests laid and take measurements to avoid their predation (from humans) if needed.  The poaching of these eggs is a serious problem, as many dominicans (mistakenly) believe they are potent aphrodisiacs.  Read more...


Hawksbill project

Since 1996 we have been studying one of the densest feeding aggregations for juvenile hawksbills in the world.  This is locatedin the coast of Jaragua National Park and Cabo Rojo   Read more...



Endangered species campaigns


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